Kaibel & Sieber

Stitching lines – wire stitching machines Stitching of webs of insulation materials

Kaibel & Sieber stitching machines are manufactured in order to permanently join a web of an insulation material to a backing material, without the use of adhesives or binding agents.

Using this machine, traditional wired net mats made from rock wool and wire mesh or special products with paper, corrugated cardboard, aluminium foil or a composite material as a facing material can be produced.

Our stitching machine is equipped with a sewing unit for steel wire or yarn. A seam securing device can optionally be incorporated into the machine.

In combination with choppers and a roll packaging system and the associated conveyor systems, complete stitching lines are created which produce end products that are ready for the market.

Technical specifications
Number of needles 12
Product thickness 30 – 130 mm
Stitching speed max. 30 m/min