Kaibel & Sieber

Facing systems - heated rollers Facing of insulation materials

Kaibel & Sieber heated rollers are manufactured for the facing of insulation materials. Here, we offer you a variety of sizes adapted to the wide range of production applications and speeds.

A permanent connection to the web of insulation material is achieved through the controlled heating of PE coated paper, bitumen or aluminium laminations. The controlled electrical heating circuits in conjunction with heat transfer oil guarantees a homogeneous temperature distribution on the heated roller surface.

In combination with our unwinding stations and materials handling systems, as well as the integrated conveyor technology, facing systems are created which can be integrated into a production line.

Technical specifications
Working width up to 2600 mm
Heated roller diameter up to 2400 mm
Facing speed up to 66 m/min
Heating electric
Heat transfer heat transfer oil