Kaibel & Sieber

Lamella mat production lines Production lines for pipe insulation

Kaibel & Sieber offers you complete production lines for the production of lamella mats. Individual slats are cut from prefabricated mineral wool boards, rotated by 90° and then aligned and accumulated. In the next part of the process, the individual lamellas are continuously faced with a variety of composite materials. The downstream longitudinal and cross-cutting devices cut the lamella mats to size.

In combination with our roll packaging and shrink wrap systems, as well as the integrated conveyor and materials handling systems, offline production lines are created which produce end products for pipe insulation that are ready for the market.

Technical specifications
Primary product max. 150 x 1250 x 3000 mm
Density 25- 50 kg/m³
Product width 1200 mm
Product thickness 20-120 mm
Roll diameter up to 650 mm