Kaibel & Sieber

Roll packaging systems - Rollup machines Rolling up and packaging of insulation material rolls

Kaibel & Sieber roll packaging systems are manufactured for the winding up and packaging of webs of insulation materials made from glass wool or rock wool. Kaibel & Sieber offers you a wide selection of standard rollup machines with electrical or hydraulic drives. Our rollup machine packages and compresses the product in a highly dynamic winding process, economically and gently. In combination with our film dispensing and wrapping machines as well as the integrated shrinking systems and conveyors, roll packaging lines are created which produce end products that are ready for the market.
Our rollup machines are also used for special products; talk to us.

Technical specifications
Belt Width up to 3.000 mm
Product width 2.700 mm
Product thickness 20-500 mm
Roll diameter up to 800 mm