Kaibel & Sieber

Quality for more than 200 years The history of the oldest company in Worms

Quality since 1814. The oldest and longest-established company in Worms can look back upon an eventful history.

  • 1814

    Foundation of a metal workshop in Worms by Georg Michael Weiß.

  • 1886

    Foundation of “KAIBEL & SIEBER GmbH, Maschinenfabrik und Eisengießerei”, a machine factory and iron foundry, by Georg Kaibel and Wilhelm Sieber. Manufacture of hydraulic presses, especially for the wine-growing industry. Largest repair shop for local industry.

  • 1941

    Engineer Jakob Muth and factory owner Walter Siegel take over the company. Development of the first industrial stitching machines for coconut fibre and horsehair cushioning, as well as for insulation mats made from glass and rock wool.

  • 1945

    Complete destruction of the company buildings in the Second World War.

  • 1956

    Reconstruction in Mainzer Straße and concentration on the area of stitching machines for glass and rock wool.

  • 1972

    Development of the first high-performance rollup and packaging machines for product widths of up to 2.4 m.

  • 1990

    Continuous extension of the product portfolio with the aim of being able to offer complete cold-end line for the mineral wool industry.

  • Heute

    KAIBEL & SIEBER is a globally recognised specialist in custom-tailored mechanical and plant engineering. We design, manufacture and install plants for the processing of insulation materials made from glass and rock wool.

200 years of Kaibel & Sieber

In 2014, we celebrated our company's 200th anniversary. Experience an exciting journey through time and accompany the founders and the company, with its changing structures, on their way through two eventful centuries from 1814 to 2014.

200 Jahre Kaibel & Sieber