Kaibel & Sieber

Edge shrinking systems for film packaging Shrinking of packaged insulation material rolls or insulation boards

Kaibel & Sieber manufactures shrinking systems for cyclical and for continuous operation. Our gas burners are optimised and certified for cyclical operation. As an alternative, we also use electrically heated systems.

The rolls of insulation material are set in rotation in special conveyor systems and conveyed past the heat shrink burners. The escaping hot air forms the excess film on the rolls and packs into stable edges and allows your products to be handled smoothly and safely on the building site.

Technical specifications
Roll length 1.500 mm
Roll diameter 800 mm
Pack height 800 mm
Output up to 30 rolls/min

PILZ PLC change to Siemens

Since 2002 most of our burner controls had been equipped with the obsolete Pilz safety PLC and HMI. With regard to the latest guidelines, the controls just mentioned have been discontinued. That means, that we don’t sell any spare parts for the mentioned discontinued PLC.

The new burner systems that we offer: Control cabinet for foil shrinking units with Siemens-Safety PLC and automatic burner control units for DVGW certified control and monitoring. Natural gas supply device according to the latest guidelines (EN298) with pressure regulator, gas return protection, solenoid valves and gas hoses for the supply of foil shrinking units.

PILZ PLC change to Siemens


  • State of the art safety concept with the latest DVGW certificate
  • Simplified Siemens control system
  • New gas trains and new gas guidelines to ensure the highest level of security
  • Triple tube housing for best function and safety